Hello Faders,

After countless hours of updating and working with the team we are proud to release our brand new Prison Season! This season will be the the new base for all future seasons, you will understand the more you read this post!

RESET TIME: 4 PM EST - JULY 9th 2021

Click Here to view the time left until reset!

1.16.5 Base Version

The base server version will now be 1.16.5 which means that we have all the features Minecraft has up until 1.16.5! We recommend you connect with this version, however, you can still connect with other versions like 1.8 & 1.12!

Pets Overhaul

We completely overhauled all pets and changed the way they function. Pets will now be limited to three types: Money, Orbs & Crystal Pets. You can obtain them by purchasing them with crystals in /pets

We also added the ability to equip up to 4 pets (can be the same type) depending on your rank.

We revamped the tier system as well. Pets will now have the following tiers: Common, Epic, Epic+, Rare, Rare+, Unique, Unique+, Legendary, Legendary+, Mythical, Mythical+, Ascended.

You can ascend to the next tier by combining useless pets that you have purchased and do not need!

Finally, we also revamped the way pets are leveled up. Instead of mining and gaining experience for pets, you now use your orbs to increase their levels!

Robot Overhaul

Like pets, we completely overhauled and revamped robots. Now, robots will be fully "Menu Based" meaning that they will not be peaceable but instead you will deposit robots into your robot storage.

Inside your robot storage, which is accessed with /robots, you will be able to claim the rewards, withdraw & upgrade your robot!

As requested by many players, we've also added a claim command which is /robot claim. Moreover, we've added two brand new robot types to this update:

  • Slime Robot - Gain crystals (cannot merge)
  • Skeleton Robot - Gain lucky keys (cannot merge)

Armor Starforce

There wasn't any official information on this feature since we added it mid season but for those who do not know:

Apply stars to your armor to increase the armors boosters! Star forcing currently only works for Money & Orb Armor You can access the star force menu with /starforce

The more stars you have on your gear the higher multiplier you will receive to your overall gear boost!

Booster Changes

After some feedback, we've noticed that booster bottles are really underwhelming on prison compared to pets & gem armor. To combat this, we've buffed the bottle boosters by a lot in the pouches, having the best bottle booster being a 5x multiplier.

We also added crystal bottle boosters and a nice new menu to show all of the active boosters you have!

Prison Skins

Introducing pickaxe skins! you will not have a variety of pickaxe skins which can be unlocked on the server. Most of the skins will be obtained from the cosmetic crate but every season we will try to add a skin that is exclusive to that season and is obtained through gameplay!

Noteworthy Changes

  • Added the Time Bomb Enchant
  • Fixed the Dice Enchant
  • Removed Charity & Hatcher Enchants
  • Buffed the Crystal Enchant by a lot... (works like good will now)
  • Changed back to larger private mines
  • Changed the /pass block requirements
  • Modified the rankup prices a bit
  • Modified crates a bit
  • Improved overall performance

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Discord: http://discord.gg/fadecloud