Updated: 9/6/21
Please read through the rules carefully to assure that your account is not in offence of any of the rules stated below.
(May be subject to change, always under admin discretion. Staff have final say)

| 1 | Spam / Advertisement
Any in game advertisements may be repeated every 2 minutes. Chat Macros/bots/scripts are allowed. Using an alternate account to bypass this is strictly prohibited. All accounts involved will be punished the same if this rule is broken.

We do not allow:

  • Chat Flooding (more than 3 messages in a row or in quick succession)
  • Spam Promotion - Hashtags, “everyone say a number in chat
  • PM Spam Promotion - ( "(IGN) is giving away this, message him/her)

Offenses: [Warning] [10m Mute] [30m Mute] [1h Mute] [6h Mute]

| 2 | Harassment // Excessive disrespect
Harassing anyone on the server will not be tolerated.
Any negative feedback towards the server will not be tolerated either.

Any and all issues within the server should be reported in the form of a ticket or sent to iiKingKai directly. Be prepared to provide proof.

Offenses: [1h Mute] [6h Mute] [12h Mute] [1d Mute] [3d Mute]

| 3 | Sensitive Subjects and Offensive Language
We do not allow:

  • Hate Speech
  • Sensitive subjects (self harm, suicide, terror attacks, etc)
  • Sexual content of any kind
  • Inappropriate IGNs/Skins/Nicknames (Perm ban until changed)
  • Using a Sexual Orientation Term as a remark towards a player or the server as a whole. However if used in excess to intentionally cause harm then we can, and will, punish
  • Religious Banter
  • Using a disability as an insult

We are here to have fun and relax. Please take this rule into consideration.

Offenses: [12h Mute] [1d Mute] [3d Mute] [7d Mute] [14d Mute]

| 4 | Forging Proof
Creating any form of false proof in an effort to get a player or staff member in trouble is strictly prohibited

Offenses: [Permanent Ban]